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  • Why You Cost Netflix Money

    A Comcast-Netflix deal would revolutionize business relationships on the Internet. The "all you can eat" internet plans have tied the hands of ISPs and the only way to pass cost onto the consumer is ...

  • What ISPs Know About Customer Service

    Everyone has been on hold with an ISP and cursed under their breath. Automated phone menus make it worse, and reps telling you to make sure your computer is on send you over the edge.

  • Americas Favorite ISP

    Internet Providers have a clear winner when it comes to a favored company, and it's not a cable provider. Verizon takes a decisive lead in terms of customer appreciation and loyalty and finished over 9% higher than anyone else.

  • Tech Billionaire Guru Creates More Opportunity

    Xavier Niel is worth a ton of money and he is willing to spend it to help change the business culture in France. He wants to pass along his business spirit and is willing to spend money to grow, as he says, "internet providers in my area".

  • The Race for Satellite Internet is On!

    Elon Musk and Richard Branson are racing to gain the over four billion potential customers that currently have no internet access. So who will win over half the population of Earth as customers and finally prove who has the best satellite internet? Look, up in the sky! It's Elon!

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Remember 'Internet Slowdown Day'

Many politicians have suggested that the free market system is the best way to deal with net neutrality, but this may be one of those things that greed simply can’t solve. When a company can put their needs above the customer’s, which is the case with most cable providers as they have no real competition across markets, then the corporation is almost immune to the very market pressure that the system uses to correct itself.

Google Tests New Super Fast Wireless Frequency

Google applied to the FCC for permission to test across a wide wireless spectrum that could allow a wireless internet to offer fiber optic speeds to customers. The millimeter-wave frequency that Google will be using is capable of transmitting massive data bursts wirelessly and this alone could change the medium.