About Us

About Patrick BorelliWant to know what your internet service provider is up to? Want to shop around and see what the other providers are doing to improve or destroy their services? Do they really have a fast, reliable service you can count on? Probably not that’s why we are here.

There are a lot of options out there and not a lot of real information on how the services actually work. Find the right providers for your home and business from DSL, satellite, wireless, or even fiber-optic cable. So which service do you need? Again maybe our content can help.

The Patrick Borelli Internet Blog will seek out the information you need to figure out what is best for you. We don’t have a dog in the race, so we don’t really care which one you choose as long as it is right for you! Let’s us do the work for you as we are always looking for the latest information on what the service providers are up to.

Once you figure out what ISP and what type of service is right for you, go get it! We are not sponsored by anyone nor do we make commission from any sales. We rarely link directly to any ISP’s at all. We are about the new and Internet technology.

Pick the provider and service then let them walk you through the sales information, that isn’t news.